/ Pasterze

Field trip to Pasterze by TGM and ZAMG

After some attempts in previous years, again we agreed on a date and finally the weather was perfect for a joint field trip to Pasterze in October 2017. We - glaciologists from ZAMG + students and teachers from TGM made a joint field trip to Pasterze to make some experiments on WLAN data transmission in the real world and to get a feeling about the ongoing glacier retreat, and travelling safe and working on a glacier that big as Pasterze.

DSC_2799 The path down to the glacier during nice weather in mid October 2017.

DSC_2801 Passing the glacier front position from 2000.

DSC_2803 in 5 minutes of walk we pass 5 years of glacier recession: The glacier front position from 2005.

DSC_2805 Again some minutes later, we pass the front position of 2010. This was the front position only 7 years ago!

DSC_2820 Hiking the canyon, that has formed on the orographic left side of the glacier snout.

DSC_2828-1Walking on the glacier snout on Pasterze.

DSC_2825Ice wall at the orographic left side of the glacier snout.

DSC_2830-1Close-up view of the ice debris at the base of the ice wall.

DSC_2839 Icebergs in the proglacial lake of Pasterze.

DSC_2840 We gaze at icebergs in Austria!

DSC_2879-1 On our second day we even climbed up to visit the automatic camera on Freiwandeck.

DSC_2869The climb to the Automatic camera on Freiwandeck was steep and challenging!

DSC_2870And the view down to Großglockner Hochalpenstraße was nearly vertical at some points!

DSC_2862 Nice colours and formations at the sediment deposits below the glacier.