New webcam on Goldbergkees

The camera is located on the ridge between the alpine hut Rojacherhütte and the summit of Hohen Sonnblick at 2932 m a.s.l.. The direction of view is southeast with skiing area Mölltaler Gletscher far left on the image, the Goldbergkees in the centre and the mountain pass Iselsberg rightmost. The camera was installed 2nd August 2016. The engaged camera is a Canon EOS1200D. For power supply, a solar panel is used and the power is stored in a accumulator. The glaciological station network Sonnblick contains beside webcam Goldbergkees also webcam Kleinfleißkees, webcam Sonnblick Observatorium, automatic weather station Kleinfleißkees, mass balance station Goldbergkees and gauging station Huettwinklache.

Current image from webcam Goldbergkees.

Image from webcam Goldbergkees with annotations of the surrounding.

Alignment of the camera (photo: G. Keuschnig).

Complete camera system with solar panel and camera in the protection casing (photo: G. Keuschnig).

Map of glaciological station network Sonnblick with glacier boundary of Goldbergkees (GOK) and Kleinfleißkees (FLK) (top) and images of the webcams Kleinfleißkees (CAM FLK), Goldbergkees (CAM GOK) and Sonnblick Observatorium (CAM SBK) (bottom). Also marked in the map is the automatic weather station (EMBS FLK) at Kleinfleißkees, mass balance station (MBS GOK) Goldbergkees and gauging station Huettwinklache beside the localisation of the webcams.