Snow accumulation in winter 2014/15 slightly above average

Due to more than 700 measurements of snow depth and 9 snow pits, where density and temperature of the snowpack was measured, the winter mass balance for Goldbergkees and Kleinfleißkees is 5 % above the average. Particularly for Goldbergkees a mean snow depth of 450 cm (1800 mm w.e.) and for Kleinfleißkees 390 cm (1400 mm w.e.).

Winter balance measurements 2014/15 for Goldbergkees and Kleinfleißkees. Accumulated snow depth between October 2014 and 30th April 2015. Snow depth measurements in blue and snow pits in black.

Time series of winter mass balance [mm w.e.] for Goldbergkees (blue) and Kleinfleißkees (red).

Drilling a snow core for density measurements (photo: B. Hynek).